About Us

ThingsMomSays strives to provide interesting content that can aid parents, youth, and other members of the family in improving their lives. Covering topics such as parenting, health, entertainment, food, family-life, and more, in a way that is incredibly easy and fun to comprehend and apply

At ThingsMomSays the mission is to deliver genuinely useful information about everything from the basics of family life down to the nitty gritty details (like “how to travel with a hamster” for example!)

Ancient maternal wisdom, recently discovered knowledge, and life-hacking tips from moms of all ages and all backgrounds can be found within ThingsMomSays.com – We believe that the sharing of this information has been taking place since the beginning of time, and now through the medium of the internet, and ThingsMomSays.com, Moms all over the world can come to one place to gain new ideas and share the ones that have worked wonderfully for them.

Have innovative ideas that you feel other Moms need to hear? Please do not hesitate to let your thoughts flow! Send us your stories, hints, and experience via social media. We are always open to receiving things moms say!

EVEN if you are not officially a mommy, everyone has aspects within themselves that embody the nurturing, motherly love and makes life so sweet. This is why it is very important to hear what mom says, so that those characteristics can be illuminated and integrated into daily life!

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