Education Doesn’t Have to Be Boring Thanks to Kidobi

Jennifer here to share with you about a very cool website filled with tons of educational videos for your children. We were compensated to share this post with you, however all opinions remain our own.

When my kids were little, we spent countless hours renting educational videos from the library. Of course, many of them were outdated and from my era when I was a kid, but there were a few that we found that really peaked my children’s interests.

Kidobi Educational Videos

I wish back then I would have been able to tailor videos based on what they liked and what they found intriguing. Today, thanks to Kidobi, that is very possible.

Kidobi Educataional Videos

What is Kidobi

Kidobi is a Toronto-based software start-up that is on a mission to make screen time count. They are a diverse group of software developers, designers, researchers, and child development experts who share a passion for children’s media. They believe in the power of technology to be a force for good in our children’s lives. Kidobi works every day to make that belief a reality because they are also concerned parents, just like you and me.

How Kidobi works

Kidobi is geared toward each child’s interest. I love that they have tons of videos available so that every child can find something unique that they like to watch.

The videos are labeled by groups and by age — so you can make sure that your child is watching a video that will interest his age group.

Kidobi Educational Videos

Not only will they be entertained, but it is purely educational. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

They have areas of learning in –

  • Language Development
  • Social Development
  • Mathematics
  • Social Development
  • Science
  • Imagination and Creativity

Kidobi is available online at, for the iPad, and as Android app. We recommend it to anyone with children in their lives, I have yet to see another site with such a high quality combination of fun and educational video content that kids love.

If you are looking for an educational program for your child, then THIS is it.