Entertainment for Long Car Rides

Do you have a long car ride coming up or do you get bored easily when you’re a passenger in the car? Do you loathe the idea of going on a long car ride? Taking a long car ride doesn’t have to be miserable, you just have to find some entertainment to make it more enjoyable.

Music for Entertainment


If you have a CD player, iPod, or mp3 player or music playing device, make sure to bring it along with you for the ride. Listening to Music is a great way to kill time in the car and many find listening to music very enjoyable.

Watch Movies During the Car Ride


Entertainment for Long Car RidesThere are several different devices available in today’s markets that allow you to watch movies while on the road. Some cars come with TV screens in the seats so that passengers of the vehicle can watch movies at any time of the ride. For those that are not in a car that automatically comes with these features, it is easy to obtain a portable DVD player or a laptop that you want watch movies on. Most movies last at least an hour hours’ time and that time usually whizzes by if you find a good movie to watch.

Bring a variety of movies, some old favorites and some new ones that have caught your interest that you haven’t seen before. Something that I found out recently is that you can borrow movies from the library (most libraries have movies that you can rent out). Another tip to remember is to bring extra pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable and they can help you to hold the digital device. Also remember to bring chargers and batteries if applicable.

Bring your iPad or Tablet


Make sure to take your iPad or similar device along with you for a long road trip. There are so many Apps that you can download, it is nearly impossible to be bored if you have a device with the capabilities as this. Make sure to download some good apps and fully charge your device the night before the trip. If you signed up for a data package on your device, you can surf the web, live stream from the internet and watch movies on Apps like Netflix or Amazon.

I never forget my iPad when I have to go one long trips. There are so many different kinds of Apps available to you on these devices, you can read an electronic book, play games – some mindless and some are educational. You can download Apps to help you study for an exam in school. The capabilities of these devices is incredible and the best part is that you don’t have to lug around a bag of things that you threw together to keep you entertained, all of your entertainment needs are in ones of these small electronic devices.

Long car rides don’t have to be miserable, they can be fun and more enjoyable if you think ahead so that you bring items with you that will keep you entertained. Bring things like books, music players, a laptop or portable DVD player, iPad or Tablet in order to keep you entertained on your long ride.

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