Five Board Games that Can Increase your Child’s Math Skills

Board Games that Can Increase your Child's Math SkillsDo your kids fear math and avoid it at all costs? In most cases, it’s their fear that pulls them away from exceling in math. So, to boost your children’s confidence in math and actually learn to love it, here are some board games that can surely increase your child’s math skills. Plus, these are fun games that will make your kids look forward to playing these again and again!

1. 20 Express


Perfect for kids 8 years old and up, this board game is something that parents will enjoy playing with their young ones. It focuses on improving one’s planning and consecutive numbering skills, which are crucial in developing numerical ability. To make it even better, this is a type of a game that can be played even when on the road since there is no need for a central table to get it going. If you have a large family, it’s also amazing because there’s an unlimited number of people who can play 20 Express. Parents may need to join in for the scoring part, or simply to enjoy the game with their kids.

2. Rummikub


If you have 2 to 4 family members, Rummikub is a great game to play to develop your children’s math skills. Ideal for players 7 years and above, this game touches on math skills including relationships, grouping and numerals. However, you need a flat surface to play this game, so it is not recommended when in the car. Nevertheless, the simple rules and exciting nature of the game makes every moment spent playing Rummikub truly worth it!

3. Set


Even your preschoolers can play this fun game that involves sorting and grouping, which are basic math skills to be developed at a young age. In fact, 5 year-olds can join in the fun, since all it takes is to match cards with the same pattern. This game is quite handy since it only includes playing cards that can fit right in your pocket for convenience. It also needs a small space or a table to get started.

4. Connect 4


When you want to play something that ends up having some clattering or noise along the way, then Connect 4 is perfect for you. It is a classic family-friendly game that encourages pattern recognition, planning and geometric thinking – and enhances all of these in an exciting way! The game requires two players, so your kids can take turns in case you have a large family. However, it is best to play this game at home instead of during travel since the pieces may get lost once they scatter everywhere.

5. Ticket to Ride


Perfect for older kids around age 8 or so, Ticket to Ride supports planning and counting skills. The rules are also a bit more complicated, so you may want to get yourself well versed with these before getting started. Also, the game needs a maximum of 5 players, so your kids – plus both parents – can join in. Just avoid playing the game if you have some very young kids or pets that may mess the board up once it’s set up.

Try these games today and have an amazing time bonding with the family while enhancing math skills along the way!

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