Fun and Games: Great Outdoor Games to Play with your Family

Some outdoor games just never get old, and these are best played with the entire family. After all, an amazing way to bond with your loved ones is by playing exciting games that will give everyone a reason to smile, be goofy and feel like a kid again! So, whether you’re a little kid or a not-so-little kid-at-heart, these great outdoor games are just a few of the ones that you can play with your family any time you want.

Time to Get Physical


Outdoor Games to Play with your FamilyLooking to flex those muscles and feel the burn afterwards? Then, there are several physical games that your family can play together. If you prefer a racing game, you may want to prepare those potato sacks, get inside one, and hop your way to the finish line. Just be sure to choose a grassy and soft area to play this game, so in case you lose your balance, you will land on a comfy spot instead of landing on your face on solid hard cement!

Also, you may consider playing tug of war, which only requires a long rope and a few strong people to get the game going. Tie knots on each spot on the rope that your family members can hold on to, so their hands won’t end up sliding away while pulling hard. You can also wrap a piece of soft cloth on the spot the each person needs to hold to avoid scratches on the palms. Another physical game that every kid loves is tag, although it may be a bit too strenuous for older adults.

Tricky But Fun


If you’re not up for something too physical, yet still the same exciting game that makes you want to beg for more, then tricky games should be perfect. For instance, you can play horseshoe toss, which is a classic outdoor game that even young kids enjoy. You should be able to buy your materials at a local toy store, and use a replica of a horseshoe that’s made of rubber instead of a real one.

Another tricky and exciting outdoor game is Twister, which ties everyone in knots and ensures you of tons of laughter along the way. The Twister game mat can be purchased at toy shops, and all you need is a small area in your yard to play this challenging physical game.

Other Outdoor Game Ideas


Of course, there are a few other amazing outdoor games that you can play, which is not exactly tricky or intensely physical, yet still very exciting. You can play Frisbee, a game that even your pet dog would love to join in and catch the flying disk! Or, you can skip ropes, play hopscotch, hula-hoops, or volleyball. If you have a large space outdoors, you can also have your own version of soccer and dedicate opposite areas of your yard for the goals. These are fantastic games that can certainly give everyone in the family hours of fun, laughter and excitement while being able to bond and reconnect with each other!

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